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that helps you engage, influence and sell.

what i do

Copywriting = promotional writing.

I’m Judy Fossen, a professional freelance copywriter who creates marketing, advertising and business communications content for web, mobile and print.

How I help

Freelance writers are the perfect solution when you:

Have a time-intensive project, such as a new website, social media program or comprehensive sales materials upgrade.

Need a writer who can make complex and technical content more understandable to everyone.

Want a fresh marketing perspective from an unbiased outside source.

Desire a more creative approach to your ads, marketing or branding.

Land more projects than you can handle.

Let's grow your business

The optimized content I write can help you:

  • Promote products and services strategically.

  • Stand out from your competitors.

  • And turn leads into customers.


Ready to get started?

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